Participation in Ohio

In November 2022, the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board submitted a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance requesting intensive technical assistance to implement Justice Counts in Ohio. Since then, criminal justice agencies across the state have signed on to participate in Justice Counts.

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What Leaders in Ohio Are Saying

“Signing on to participate in Justice Counts allows us to quickly and easily extract data from our current electronic system to use to make informed decisions, project trends, and provide information to external regulatory agencies.”

Jeremy Simpson, President, Community Corrections Association

“I joined Justice Counts to be able to more succinctly gather data to make better informed decisions as well as to streamline data I collect for agency annual and quarterly reports. I see true value in data, and this allows us to track trends better. As more agencies opt in to Justice Counts, it will be good to match ourselves with trends going on in Ohio and in counties 23 similar to the ones we serve as well. In a perfect world, it would also be good to have the ODRC [Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections] partner with Justice Counts, as community correctional providers are required to already indicate risk and need assessments through the ODRC Gateway Systems as well as data we must send in their CCIS [Community Corrections Information System] system as well.”

Phil Nunes, Executive Director, Eastern Ohio Corrections Center

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Ohio Justice Counts Data

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