Participation in Georgia

In June 2022, the Administrative Office of the Courts/Judicial Council of Georgia applied to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance requesting funding and technical assistance to implement Justice Counts in Georgia. As stated in Georgia’s grant application, the Judicial Council is using Justice Counts “to help our over 400 local courts automate the annual case count process while also adding various data elements to expand the amount of local data for query and analysis. Access to this level of case data is a matter of public safety, trust, and confidence.”

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What Leaders in Georgia Are Saying

“We signed on to Justice Counts because we share its goal to build a better information infrastructure for use by all parts of our criminal justice system. We recognize the value of accurate and timely data to inform decisions on public safety, access to justice, and our criminal justice system. However, such evidence-based decision making is only possible if the underlying data is properly reported, stored, and shared with all decision makers. Justice Counts aligns with these goals and provides a framework for achieving this initiative.”

Stephanie Hines, Judicial Services, Division Director, Judicial Council of Georgia / Administrative Office of the Courts

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Georgia Justice Counts Data

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