Justice Counts Metrics

Our mission is clear: Justice Counts is all about putting essential data in the hands of decision-makers to empower informed decisions across the nation.

Our cutting-edge metrics are the key. They provide both decision-makers and the public with unprecedented, real insights into their criminal justice system—insights that have historically been out of reach.

The metrics are designed to be:


These metrics capture vital data points while gracefully accommodating the diverse data practices and quality across agencies. We cut through the complexity.


They rely on data that agencies already collect, making sharing effortless. No matter the starting point, we make it work.


Our metrics are a game-changer. They are crystal clear, providing decision-makers and agency leaders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. They reveal trends, offer structured guidance, and pave the way for agencies to share data, encouraging comparison and contrast. Moreover, they allow agencies to add their unique context to ensure data is used fairly and accurately.