Join Work Sessions on Justice Counts Tier 1 Metrics

Join the CSG Justice Center; the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA); and Justice Counts partners for sector-specific work sessions on the Justice Counts Tier 1 metrics.

Justice Counts aims to leverage data that agencies across the nation agree are essential and get them into the hands of policymakers to support more informed decision-making. While these policymakers will be the ultimate users of Justice Counts data, criminal justice agencies have an important role to play in curating the data that goes into the metrics. Justice Counts Work Sessions will give agency staff the opportunity to help shape the technical components of the metrics to account for the structure and variations in each sector of the criminal justice system.

Each work session will focus on a specific criminal justice sector (law enforcement, prosecution, defense, courts/pretrial, jails, prisons, community supervision) and will include a presentation of the draft technical guides for that sector’s metrics and a deep-dive conversation to further shape the details of the definitions, fields, and agency-specific customizations in the forthcoming Justice Counts data tool, as well as any barriers to implementation. The Justice Counts team, working with project partners, will then issue final technical guides that agencies can use to precisely publish Justice Counts metrics.

The work sessions are intended primarily for agency staff who are likely to be tasked with gathering the data recommended by the Justice Counts metrics and entering the data for their agency via the Justice Counts digital infrastructure. The sessions are geared toward a more technically oriented audience than most policymakers or agency leaders who are data informed but are not responsible for data management.

A minimum of seven work sessions will be held—at least one for each of the seven sectors of the criminal justice system for which Justice Counts has released Tier 1 metrics. As leaders in more states indicate interest in Justice Counts and take action to become Justice Counts states, work sessions can be held with stakeholders in those states to understand their data landscapes and discuss potential additions, revisions, or state-specific supplements to the technical guides.


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